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Team Building in THE KEY Escape Room

Team Buildings in Escape Room are a fun way of getting to know your colleagues under different circumstances. You'll have something to talk about for a long time.

Team building is a very useful form of bonding. It strengthens your teamwork and team spirit as it requires the cooperation of the whole group instead of individualism.  Some hidden qualities of your employees might even come alive during such an event. It's connecting coworkers and making them realise that success comes from the good teamwork. 

The Key Escape Room Ljubljana welcomes you in a mystical world of Leonardo Da Vinci and Sherlock Holmes, where you will have to solve many puzzles and challenges that are between you and freedom.  The unique design and plot will give you one of the best Team Building experiences.  Only by working together as a team you will successfully complete your escape adventure.

The reason that Team buildings in The Key Escape Room are so popular is simple. We assure you a unique experience with fun and laughter, and on the other hand full of competitiveness and adrenaline.  An event that won't be forgotten so easily. At the same time, the employees have a chance to prove themselves how to function under time pressure, while testing their communicating and organizing skills as well as their logical and creative thinking. Sounds just like your work?

After your escape adventure, you can analyze your decisions with our gamemaster. You can discuss your communication, and what could be done differently or just let us know why you escaped so fast.

What is required for a successful escape?

  • THINK OUT OF THE BOX – Creativity of each member of the team might save the day. Each individual has a chance to let his imagination go wild, think wider and find the solution faster.
  • COMMUNICATION – It'a all about the team spirit and communication. There's no place for individualism. If something is found or solved and the info is not shared with the others, the team is losing their precious time and you don't want that.
  • LEADERSHIP – The strategical approach towards challenges and good leading of the team will get you great results in the business world as well as in Escape Room. The team quickly realizes who is their natural leader and follow his instructions.
  • TO FOLLOW – Harmony between the employees is required, otherwise, there is a lot of lost energy and time which is bad for the end result. Trusting each other is the strategy that'll always work.
  • TO LISTEN – Each idea might be the right one, so every individual must be heard and must feel equivalent on the way towards success. 
  • WORK AS A TEAM – Every individual is capable of finding the solution but team effort brings the results much faster.  Each member of the team gets to learn from each other and by that are their bonds getting stronger along with their trust in the team.
  • BELIEVE IN YOUR SUCCESS - If you want to succeed, you need to believe you'll find the right solution. No matter how much time you've got, trusting you and your team is crucial for the great end result either at your work or in the escape room.
  • ENJOY– Don't get too hyped, relax and you'll find your creative side much easier. And that is the right approach. You have to enjoy every moment and don't get stressed. It pays of on the long run.


We run Team Buildings every day from 10:30 to 21:00 o'clock. Should you require any other time frame, we will gladly adjust. 

You can get additional information at on our cell number +386 (0)30 23 23 23 or our webpage

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