Frequently Asked Quetions - FAQ's

Both of our rooms can be played by adults and kids. Kids from ages 8-12 have a special, kids level, the rest is for adults. If the kids will play on their own, they have to be brought to us by their parents or a grown up. If the kids are ages 8-10 and play the battle, there must be one adult present during the game at all times.

That’s right, we lock you inside the room. But we have video surveillance, where our gamemaster constantly monitors the team and if anybody want's to leave the room, he’ll let them out. For extra safety precautions, we have an emergency key inside the Da Vinci-Sherlock room, and SOS/panic button in the Wonderland. The emergency key and the SOS button let you out immediately.

At both rooms, we have a minimum attendance of 2 persons and 5 is the maximum (or even 6 in Da Vinci&Sherlock room). But we also have a so-called battle and it can be played only at our Da Vinci & Sherlock room. And at the battle, there can be from 8-12 persons in the game. The battle is our most exciting game, filled with adrenaline.

Yes, we do, over the phone, Facebook or email. You can later change the date but have to inform us at least 72 hours prior to the game. If you want to make sure that your preferred game time will not be taken, while you’re planning your date, it’s wise to pick a faraway date in the future.

Yes of course! Send an email to or call +386 (0)30 23 23 23 and we will be happy to oblige.

You can cancell or change (free of charge) your game date up to 72 hours before the game is scheduled. After that your game will be charged.

Of course, it's possible they'll be the smartest on your team ;)

Just positive energy and functioning brain :)

The Da Vinci - Sherlock rooms are decorated in vintage style, they are mysterious and exciting, but not at all terrifying. The Wonderland starts in quite a realistic dungeon, but still, it's just a game. Due to safety regulations, we have an emergency key and a panic button, so you can exit immediately.

Specific Questions

Our battle is available only in DaVinci/Sherlock rooms. It is suitable for 8-12 persons, especially for Team buildings as well as for other bigger groups. We divide you into two groups, each entering their own room. The first half is 30 min long, after that, we reset the rooms (it takes about 5 min) and switch the teams in the opposite room, where you have another 30 minutes to escape. At the end we announce the winning team. The level of the game is quite competitive.

You can book online through a very reliable and popular PayPal system. If you don't use it, just give us a call on +386 30 23 23 23 or email us at and we will send you a proforma invoice, payable in your online bank, post office, or bank office. There is also a possibility of paying as you come. Prior to that, just send us all the information regarding the booking. (you first and last name, email, phone number, number of participants, date and time)